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Here’s the deal, everyone wants a little help with the aging process. And at Pinch, we believe everyone should have access to that self-care. So we removed all the annoying barriers that come with going to a med spa. No more scheduling issues, traveling issues or med spa ~vibe~ issues. Our Nurse Practitioners will come to you, and we won’t charge med spa prices. We’re a med spa, for all.

Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Pinch Chief Medical Officer: Jacob Avraham

Hi, I’m Jacob. I’m a Chicago native, husband, and father of three. I’m a practicing physician and surgeon who saw a more accessible path to self-care for both clients and providers. I wanted to remove the barriers that make medical aesthetics feel like they’re not an option for everyone.

It’s just not as flexible, cost-effective, or comfortable as it could be.

As a client, you know the drill. The scheduling, traveling, credentials, costs, and overall med spa *vibes.* It’s just not as flexible, cost-effective, or comfortable as it could be. And as a healthcare professional, my colleagues and I asked the same questions, “Why couldn’t healthcare professionals be afforded the same flexible economic opportunity as office workers? How can we service our community without being tied to a shift?”

Which is why I started Pinch. We’re on a mission to help clients get the self-care they want, and to let healthcare professionals help their clients on their own terms. Say goodbye to schlepping to the med spa, and hello to Pinch.

We can't wait for you to join us,
Jacob Avraham, MD, MBA

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