5 Botox Party Theme Ideas From Instagram

By Pinch Med Spa Staff

Looking to plan a Botox Party? Here are some of our favorite Instagram reels of Pinch Parties. We can't wait to help you plan yours :)

Pinch is a mobile concierge med spa, so we're used to coming to you. We call Botox Parties, "Pinch Parties" around here. That's because we do Tox, filler, chemical peels and more. ALL of our Pinch Providers are board-certified Nurse Practitioners who are trained and insured for in-home appointments. Last, Pinch has incredible fair pricing and doesn't charge extra to come to you. In fact, there are discounts when we treat multiple clients in one appointment.

Partner With A Yoga Studio For A Botox Party

Include Content Creator Friends To Join In

Make Your Botox Party A Friendsgiving Activity

Invite Your Aesthetic Injector To Girls Night In

Plan A Memorable Family Reunion

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