Da Bears, Da Bulls & Da Botox® Chicago

By Pinch Med Spa Staff

Hey Chicago SuperFans! While we hope we can all agree on the best Chicago basketball player of all time, when it comes to Chicago Botox who is #1? Or, should we say who is the #23 for Botox in Chicago?

First of all Chicago, what is Botox?

Let's dive into the what before the where. Botox, short for Botulinum toxin, is a neuromodulator that relaxes you facial muscles. When used for cosmetic purposes, Botox can help prevent or smoothe wrinkles by minimizing your facial expression in areas like your forehead.

While Botox in the brand name – similar to Xerox, Kleenex or Coca Cola – it isn’t your only option or even the best option for everyone. Other neurmodulators include Xeomin, Dysport, Daxiffy, and Jeuveau. Because Botox is the brand name, you’ll likely pay a premium for it like you might on a name brand pharmaceutical vs a generic brand that can get similar results but cost you less money. You should speak with your healthcare professional about which one they prefer and is right for you.

How much does Botox Cost in Chicago?

The price for Botox in Chicago will depend on which neuromodulator is used, where you’re going for your injections and who is doing the Injection. And, perhaps most importantly, how many units you’ll need to get your desired result. Sometimes, special promotions are available for clients who are new to Botox or ones that a provider wants to lure back for another appointment.

While many things in life are worth deal hunting for, when it comes to Botox we don’t recommend going anywhere offering FREE Botox, Cheap Botox or primarily offering Botox through websites like Groupon.

You can expect Botox to cost in the $10 to $15 range per unit. You’ll likely be able to find newer medical spas offering lower rates, one-off promotions for less, or perhaps pre-paid or membership offers for Botox that is $10 or less, but the reality is that something around $12 is pretty normal and more highly trainged medical professionals in nicer areas could charge $15 or more.

Of course, the per unit Price of Botox is only one variable in the equation. The other is how many units you’ll need. Are you looking for a natural look or prefer to freeze your face? Is your provider more conservative, or someone who prefers to inject on the higher end of what is reasonable? So, in addition to asking how much Botox costs you may want to ask how many units you can expect your provider to use for the areas of your face where you want treatment.

How many units of Botox will I need?

Depending on your specific goals and treatment needs, here’s a rough guidelines for the number of units you should expect to need of you are getting Botox or Xeomin from your Provider.

Chicago Botox Prices & Units By Treatment Area
Chicago Botox Prices & Units By Treatment Area

Where’s best for Botox injections in Chicago?

From asking a friend you trust, to looking on Google or Instagram, to scouring reviews on Reddit, there are certainly a lot of places you can research where to go for Botox injections in Chicago. 

With over 250+ medical spas in the Chicagoland area, how do you decide where to go or who to trust with your face? Here are some unique suggestions to consider:

- Trust someone you know personally

- Don’t just choose a big brand name, choose a person

- Make sure they are board certified, insured, and well trained

- Find someone who you can trust and share some commonalities with

- Don’t just read bios or anonymous recommendations on Reddit, look a real reviews

What about mobile Botox in my home?

If you happen to want a treatment in the comfort of your own home, with a qualified provider at an affordable price, Pinch’s mobile med spa in Chicago may be right for you. Pinch will send a board-certified aesthetic nurse practitioner, to your home, for reasonable rates. And, Pinch can do your appointment between Zoom calls, in complete confidence or as a group Botox Party with friends.

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