Pinch Provider Spotlight: Desirae D

By Pinch Med Spa Staff

June 12, 2024

Pinch Provider, Desirae D.

What is your background as a clinician?

I received my bachelors in Nursing in 2014 working on an inpatient Oncology Unit shortly after transitioning to the Intensive Care Unit for the remaining 5 years. I graduated in 2019 with my Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and began working with a Pulmonary/ Critical Care group just at the beginning and throughout the COVID pandemic. If you ever thought about learning to play football AT the Super Bowl, that was it. Shortly after the pandemic, I began taking courses for injectables and my interest and passion for aesthetics grew. I currently work as a Nurse Practitioner with an Interventional Radiology group and am an Injector with Pinch Med.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

Although I wish I had a crazy alter ego and life, my routines are pretty basic. I will take frozen yogurt over any meal. Last year I completed my first ever Marathon and decided to take on the Chicago Marathon 2024.

What made you want to start a career in Aesthetics?

Nursing can be a really hard career. A vast majority of advanced practice careers began during the COVID pandemic. The environment can be mentally taxing, physically exhausting, and emotionally draining. Aside from the technicalities associated with nursing, what I really love is caring deeply for people and helping others.Although an aesthetic nurse practitioner sometimes is not all glitz and glam like everyone thinks. It can come with mental stress, with the pressure to deliver results & meet expectations. A career in aesthetics allows me to build people up with confidence, to transform themselves or preventative treatments, and to care about them every step of the way.

Why did you join Pinch?

I was drawn to the company’s mission to provide high- quality and personalized concierge services in the comfort of the clients own home. I have since been impressed with the growth and reputation Pinch has created and maintained.

What do you appreciate most about Pinch?

The intelligent and supportive team Pinch provides.

Where are you based, and what areas do you service?

I am based in the Southwest suburbs, New Lenox and service areas within a 25-30 mile radius.

What is your favorite treatment? Treatment area?

Botox is definitely my favorite, but a good skin care routine is important too. Botox works on the tissues and muscles, while skincare improves the whole canvas.

I’d have to say the eyes are my favorite. Eyes are the focal point of the face. When the crow’s feet and jelly roll relax and soften and the brow and eyelid lift your eyes POP, in a good way, looking refreshed, beautiful and bright.

However, botox is an art and each person’s features are so unique and it is fun to customize each person's treatment to make them feel refreshed, themselves and beautiful.

What are your favorite skincare products?

PCA skin hyaluronic acid boosting serum. This product feels absolutely amazing on the skin! It focuses on hydrating and plumping the superficial and deeper layers of the skin.

What is your number 1 skincare tip?

Wear SPF EVERY day… even in the winter! And reapply often! Also, Botox is magic in a bottle!

What is the biggest misconception you think people have about injectable aesthetics?

Being “too young” for Botox.

Botox is approved for adults age 18-65. If you experience wrinkles that bother you, and you’re within the approved age range you are not too young for Botox. Patients choose to begin Botox treatments young, to actually help prevent the formation of deep lines and wrinkles, with the mindset of rejuvenation instead of rejuvenation.

What is one skincare item that you could not live without?

SPF! It is important to wear it everyday, whether you are in direct sunlight or not.

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