Top 6 Med Spa Treatment Goals In 2024

By Pinch Med Spa Staff

While most Med Spas highlight airbrushed photos, aspirational emotions and treatment expectations, where they fall short for their most savvy clients is sharing research and data. Here at Pinch, we're dove into data over the past 12 months. Today, we’ll unveil the top treatment goals for med spa clients in Chicago. Let’s do it.

Word Cloud of Top Med Spa Treatment Goals

Wrinkle Reduction & Prevention Are #1

Wrinkle Reduction & Prevention is the most popular theme of treatment goals, encompassing a broad range of specific treatment goals aimed at reducing the appearance of existing wrinkles, preventing new ones from forming, and managing fine lines. This theme includes goals related to general wrinkle reduction, focus on forehead lines, crow's feet, "11's" (glabellar lines), and fine lines around the eyes and mouth. Specific mentions include "No wrinkles," "Reduce visible wrinkles," "Smooth out forehead fine lines," and "Reduce appearances of wrinkles on forehead and crows feet." Specific goals including addressing Forehead wrinkles, crow's feet, glabellar ("11's") lines, fine lines, and general wrinkle management. Roughly 60% of clients seeking med spa treatments have goals related to preventing or reducing wrinkles using neuromodulators such as BOTOX or Xeomin.

Youthful Appearance & Skin Quality Matter

Youthful appearance & skin quality is the second most popular treatment objective. This theme includes goals related to achieving a more youthful appearance and improving overall skin quality beyond just addressing wrinkles. This encompasses goals aimed at a youthful look which can include focusing on the forehead and crow's feet, but more likely other skin improvements fromc clients wanting to just "be gorgeous" or "look younger" following treatment. Roughly 15% of clients are seeking youthful appearance and/or skin quality improvements above and beyond general wrinkly management. While that could include Tox, such treatments may also include Chemical Peels and Filler.

Lip Enhancements: Lip Flip vs Lip Filler?

Client who desire lip enhancements generally fall into one of two buckets. They want an enhanced upper lip via a Lip Flip or they want more volume in their lips from Lip Filler. This theme Includes both the desire for fuller lips with filler and the specific technique of a "lip flip" with Tox. Clients general want to make their lips more noticeable or full, addressing smile aesthetics, and achieving a more balanced or enhanced lip shape. Roughly 10% of clients requesting med spa services state a goal around lip enhancement treatments.

Jawline & Masseter Tox Are In Demand

After Lip Enhancements, the next most popular med spa treatment goals are around slimming the jawline, relaxing the jaw muscles (often for TMJ relief), and enhancing the jaw's appearance. This includes specific neuromodulator treatments for "Masseter botox," "Refine jawline," and treatments for TMJ disorders. Generally 5 to 10% of clients are looking for jawline or masseter treatments.

Under Eye or Neck Treatments For Some

Of course, then there are eyes, under eye and neck treatments. While some of these are part of broader goals like wrinkle reduction, this category has specific goals related to the area around and under the eye. The remainder of treatment goals for BOTOX or Xeomin treatments fall into thise category.

Goals Beyond A Youthful Appearance

Some of the most popular asks are to get results such that the client appears more youthful, looks “snatched”, acheives “glass skin” or improve conditions like acne scarring.

2024 BOTOX and Xeomin Treatments Goals

By treatment goal, here is the breakdown of what we’re seeing across clients over the past year:

Forehead Wrinkles: 28%

Youthful Look / Wrinkle Reduction: 27%

Crows Feet: 11%

Lip Treatments (Li Flip of Lip Filler): 11%

11 Lines / Frown Lines: 10%

Jaw Treatments (Muscle Relaxation): 4%

General Preventive Treatments: 4%

Eyes: 2%

Other Facial Aesthetics: 1.5%

TMJ / Teeth Grinding: 1%

Neck Treatments: <1%

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