18 Medical Spa Software Vendors To Know

By Pinch Med Spa Staff

When Pinch attended AmSpa 2024, we compiled a list of all of the software companies we could find who are focused on powering medical spas. At Pinch, we're a tech-enabled concierge med spa so we build all of our own software in house to give you a personalized experience like no other med spa. For Nurse Practitioners who like that idea, you're welcome to apply to join Pinch. For everyone else in the medical spa indusutry, we wanted to help by pointing you in the right direction to find a short list of medical spa software companies that could be right for you.

1. Aesthetic Record

   Offers a comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) system tailored for aesthetic practices, facilitating efficient patient management and practice workflows.

2. Aesthetic Virtual

   Provides a virtual consultation and patient management platform, enhancing the patient experience with telemedicine solutions that enable remote consultations and streamlined communication.

3. Boulevard

   Offers appointment scheduling and business management software specifically for the beauty and wellness industry, including aesthetic practices, optimizing client and business operations management.

4. Docovia

   Features a healthcare communication and patient engagement platform that improves interaction between providers and patients with tools like secure messaging and appointment reminders.

5. EntityMed

   Provides medical billing and revenue cycle management services with a focus on optimizing revenue and streamlining billing processes for healthcare providers.

6. Jackie by Pictoria Systems

   Offers a patient communication and engagement platform that enhances healthcare provider-patient communication through features like secure messaging and health education.

7. MedSafe

   Delivers medication management and compliance solutions with automated dispensing systems that enhance medication safety and ensure regulatory compliance.

8. MedShift

   Offers medical technology and digital solutions for aesthetic practices, including practice management software and patient engagement platforms.

9. Meevo

   Provides salon and spa management software that includes features like appointment scheduling, inventory management, and marketing tools, tailored to enhance business processes.

10. Nextech

    Offers healthcare technology solutions that include practice management software, electronic health records (EHR), and patient engagement tools, tailored for specialty medical practices.

11. PatientNow

    Provides a comprehensive platform for aesthetic and medical practices that includes practice management software, EHR, patient engagement tools, and marketing automation.

12. Podium

    Offers a customer interaction and reviews management platform that helps businesses manage online interactions and feedback effectively.

13. RepeatMD

    Provides solutions for patient communication and follow-up, automating outreach, reminders, and post-visit surveys to enhance patient engagement and satisfaction.

14. Spakinect

    Offers virtual and telemedicine good faith exams for aesthetic operations in med spas, enhancing the efficiency and compliance of medical consultations.

15. Symplast

    Offers a comprehensive EHR and practice management solution tailored for aesthetic and plastic surgery practices, featuring scheduling, photo management, marketing, and telehealth.

16. TouchMD

    Provides solutions for patient education and engagement, allowing healthcare providers to create personalized educational content and engage with patients digitally.

17. Weave

    Offers communication software for healthcare practices, integrating tools like texting, phone calls, and appointment reminders with practice management systems to enhance communication.

18. Zenoti

    Provides a cloud-based platform for spa and salon management, featuring online booking, customer engagement, marketing automation, and business analytics to streamline operations.

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