9 Medical Supply Companies For Medical Spas

By Pinch Med Spa Staff

Every wonder who sells all of the supplies that a medical spa buys?

Well, at AmSpa 2024 the Pinch Med Spa Chicago team collected a list of the top 9 medical spa supply companies who support the medical spa ecosystem in the United States. For anyone running their own medical spa, the list below is a great place to source from. For any Nurse Practitioners who want to treat clients without working about all of the back office work -- including ordering medical supplies in bulk-- consider applying to become a Pinch Provider.

Next time you need to review your medical spa supplier list, here's 9 companies to consider adding to your short list.

1. AMP Medical

Specializes in providing high-quality medical supplies tailored for aesthetic practices, offering a wide range of products to support various treatments and procedures.

2. AMSCO Medical

Offers medical equipment sales and service solutions, providing a broad selection of medical devices and technical support to healthcare facilities, including aesthetic practices.

3. Coverwell

Manufactures medical textiles such as drapes, gowns, and covers for healthcare settings, focusing on protection, comfort, and durability to meet the stringent requirements of infection control and patient safety.

4. Medical Spa Supply

Provides a vast array of equipment, supplies, and accessories for medical spas and aesthetic practices, including treatment tables, skincare products, and aesthetic devices.

5. MedResults

Operates as a business networking and group purchasing organization (GPO) dedicated to aesthetic practices, offering exclusive discounts, educational resources, and networking opportunities to help optimize operations and facilitate growth.

6. Noel Asmar Uniforms

Specializes in designing and manufacturing uniforms and apparel for healthcare professionals and those in the hospitality industry, focusing on style, comfort, and functionality.

7. ProMed Beauty

Offers cutting-edge solutions for a wide range of aesthetic practices, catering to dermatologists, plastic surgeons, physician assistants, nurses, and estheticians with advanced aesthetic products and services.

8. Refine USA

A premier manufacturer and supplier of medical aesthetic supplies and devices, providing innovative solutions for aesthetic treatments.

9. Source One Beauty

Operates as a distributor of beauty and spa supplies, offering products such as skincare items, cosmetics, salon equipment, and spa accessories to meet the needs of professionals in the beauty and wellness industry.

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