Lip Flip Chicago: Everything You Need To Know

By Pinch Med Spa Staff

April 27, 2024

Okay, you're beyond "What's a Lip Flip?" and actually ready to get one. But, where?  You can text your friends, look on TikTok or Instagram, or Google "Lip Flip Chicago" and ready online reviews. Well, we've done the work for you. Here's what you'll run into at you research your Lip Flip in Chicago.

Chicago Plastic Surgeons For Lip Flips (Overkill)

Okay, super savvy consumers may insist on only go to the plastic surgeon. The reality is, however, that when you book with the Plastic Surgeon their opportunity cost to do a lip flip means you'll likely get someone on staff AND pay a major premium for the name on the door. You could do this, but do you really need to? It is like going to the Orthodontist to get your teeth cleaned. Check out the various plastic surgery websites with stock photos models and generic blog posts written by overpriced SEO agencies using ChatGPT for generic content. You'll get to pay a premium for something you don't need to overpay for right now. If their primary call to action is a phone call, you know you'll be playing phone tag and waiting in the waiting room a while.

Medical Spas That Offer Lip Flips in Chicagoland (Cookie Cutter)

Next, you'll see some influencer on Instagram or a friend mention a medical spa that makes its money doing laser hair removal and upselling memberships. These Chicago Med Spas may offer lip flips from an RN who is under supervision from a Medical Director who is paid to put their name on the door. These medical spas have nice spaces and good brands, but a lip flip is a rounding error of what they focus on and you'll likely be upsold on a bunch of treatments you don't want or need. Are the before / afters on their website from the RN who'll actually do your Lip Flip? Who knows.

Review Websites For Chicago Med Spas (Rigged)

From BBB to Yelp, there are so many websites that offer Med Spa Reviews. Of course, the ones with lots of terrible review are probably worth avoiding but at the end of the day they are mostly good enough. Rather than focus on the brand you want to focus on the provider. Who is the practitioner who'll actually inject. Are they a Nurse Practitioner, or just an RN? Do they have training from a recognized program, or did they just learn on the job? Can you text with them in advance and after, or must you go through a receptionist? Do you have to go to them, or will they come to you? Is pricing clear upfront, or do you need to ask after the fact?

Chicagoland Nurse Practitioner Explains Lip Flips

Expert Lip Flip Treatment Guides

How'd you feel about the following opportunity:

1) Get a lip flip treatment at home without sitting in a waiting room

2) From an expert Nurse Practitioner who is passionate about aesthetics

3) For an upfront price that you can get online

4) With the ability to message before and after directly with your provider

If you like that idea, read more about Chicago Lip Flip Treatments FAQ, including:

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Best Lip Flip Next Steps

If you like what you see, we'd invite you to browse our expert Pinch Providers list and book a Tox appointment in Chicago for tomorrow to finally get your Lip Flip.

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