Pinch Provider Spotlight: Christine J

By Pinch Med Spa Staff

June 11, 2024

Christine J, Pinch Provider.

What is your background as a clinician?

I worked as an ER nurse for 11 years then transferred to diagnostics as a nurse. Now I currently work as an APRN in the pre and post diagnostic procedure at UIH.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I did tandem skydiving 5 times and plan to did it again!

What made you want to start a career in Aesthetics?

I have always had an obsession with skin care. I always try to make sure that my skin looks youthful and glowy. I spend so much money investing in my skin and I have always wanted to venture into aesthetics so that I can learn more from the professionals, apply what I learned to others and of course, while earning money. But this specialty is especially difficult to break into without

Why did you join Pinch?

I joined Pinch because I like their concept - being able to bring med spa to people instead of the other way around, as well as the flexibility that Pinch offers. Additionally, I really appreciated that Pinch offers opportunities to providers despite having no professional background in aesthetics.

Where are you based, and what areas do you service?

I am based on Chicago and I service Chicago and willing to go to suburbs as long as they are within 30 miles from Jefferson Park.

What is your favorite treatment? Treatment area?

My favorite treatment is BioRePeel to the face. I love how the results are immediate and you can see and feel that you are glowing after. Also that I can use my own skincare products is a major plus.    

What are your favorite skincare products?

My favorite skincare brand is innisfree. It's originally from Korea. My daily routine includes face foaming wash in the shower. My usual products are: toner from sephora -> water essence from Mediheal-> serum from innisfree, moisturizer from innisfree, eyecream from innisfree then SPF from Jumiso. However, since I just came back from Japan and did a lot of skincare shopping, I am alternating with some of the japanese brands right now.

What is your number 1 skincare tip?

SPF, don't leave the house without it. I use SPF 50+ from Jumiso called Awe-sun Airy Fit Sunscreen

What is the biggest misconception you think people have about injectable aesthetics?

I think the biggest misconception is that your face is going to look fake when you get facial injectables.

What is one skincare item that you could not live without?

Can it be two please? moisturizing gel (innisfree) and SPF

Learn more about Christine and view her Provider Profile here.

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