75 Botox Party Name Ideas

By Pinch Med Spa Staff

May 21, 2024

Okay, you're hosting a Botox Party and you want to know what to call the event? 

At Pinch, we call our Botox Parties "Pinch Parties" to play off our name. But, you can calls yours whatever you want. From Flow & Glow to Botox & Bubbles to Tox Tuesday and Wellness Wednesday, there are so many fun names to choose from.

First, what is a Botox Party?

A Botox Party is when you gather a group of friends for medical spa treatments such as Botox, or other neuromodulators like Xeomin that prevent and reduce wrinkles. For friends who aren't into that, there are often other treatments options to improve your skin like chemical peels or microneedling. One benefit of doing a party, aside from the fun, is that providers often offer a discount and/or perks to the host for running the event

75 Unique Botox Party Name Ideas:

  1. Glow & Go
  2. Wrinkle-Free Soirée
  3. Botox & Bubbly
  4. Xeomin & Sip
  5. Botox & Brilliance
  6. Tox & Talk
  7. Plump & Pamper
  8. Filler Fête
  9. Freeze the Time
  10. Line-Free Lounge
  11. Botox Bash
  12. Botox Beautification
  13. Youthful Yonder
  14. Fill & Fun
  15. Xeomin Extravaganza
  16. Radiance Rendezvous
  17. Fabulous & Flawless
  18. Inject & Indulge
  19. Beauty & Bubbly
  20. Botox Brunch
  21. Fresh Faces Fiesta
  22. Peel & Pamper
  23. Ageless Affair
  24. Botox Bliss Bash
  25. Wrinkle-Free Wonderland
  26. Tox & Toast
  27. Rejuvenate with Xeomin
  28. Botox Beauties
  29. Glitz & Glam
  30. Smooth & Social
  31. Botox & Bliss
  32. Inject & Impress
  33. Glow & Grow
  34. Filler Fiesta
  35. Beauty Boost Bash
  36. Botox & Bonbons
  37. Smooth Soiree
  38. Youthful Glow Gathering
  39. Botox & Bites
  40. Peel & Party
  41. Wrinkle-Free Wednesday
  42. Botox & Cheers
  43. Radiant Reunion
  44. Botox & Banter
  45. Tox & Treat
  46. Botox Bonbons
  47. Smooth Sips
  48. Age-Defying Xeomin
  49. Youthful Glow Gala
  50. Botox & Boujee
  51. Botox Bliss Bash
  52. Med Spa Mixer
  53. Botox Bliss Bonanza
  54. Med Spa Magic
  55. Botox & Bubbles Bash
  56. Med Spa Merriment
  57. Botox Bash & Bites
  58. Med Spa Marvels
  59. Botox Bash & Bliss
  60. Med Spa Medley
  61. Botox & Beauty Bash
  62. Med Spa Moments
  63. Botox & Beauty Bliss
  64. Med Spa Merriment Mixer
  65. Botox Bash Extravaganza
  66. Med Spa Mystique
  67. Botox Bash & Glow
  68. Med Spa Masquerade
  69. Botox & Beauty Banter
  70. Med Spa Majesty
  71. Botox Bliss Bash Extravaganza
  72. Med Spa Magic Moments
  73. Botox Bash & Blissful Beauty
  74. Med Spa Marvelous
  75. Botox Bliss & Beauty Bash

How to run a safe Botox Party

Okay, once you have the name for your party, the date and and a guest list, the thing you really need is a qualified aesthetic injector. Depending on where you live, you'll likely need an MD, Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant to come to your home. Many states don't allow Registered Nurses are Estheticians to do Tox injection without a medical director onsite. Be sure to select an expert provider, who meets the local regulatory requirements, brings real products and has extensive experience.

If you want to run a Botox Party with Pinch, feel free to book a qualified Nurse Practitioner near you today.

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