Fitzpatrick Skin Types Summary As A Poem

By Pinch Med Spa Staff

May 9, 2024

Here is a summary from Pinch Med Spa of Fitzpatrick skin types, in the form of a poem. Enjoy :)

In the realm of skin, where sun rays dance,
Thomas Fitzpatrick gave each tone a chance,
To understand how light does glance
Off hues diverse, a spectrum wide expanse.

Type I,alabaster glow so fair,
Always burns, with freckles rare,
Red or golden locks, light eyes’ stare,
Sun’s fierce kiss, they must beware.

Type II, with fairness still in sight,
Burns quite easily in sunlight’s might,
Tans so lightly, strands of light,
A cautious dance in solar flight.

Type III, where balance finely tunes,
Burns at times, midsummer noons,
Yet often to a tan attunes,
Brown hair waving, freedom croons.

Type IV, with olive's gentle grace,
Seldom burns, sun’s warm embrace,
Tans to brown, a steady pace,
Dark eyes dreaming, a serene face.

Type V, with skin like dusk till dawn,
Rarely burns, the sun’s pawn,
Tans with ease, the curtain drawn,
Heritage rich, in twilight’s yawn.

Type VI, deep night’s own spawn,
Never burns, a tanning fawn,
Black or brown, a promise sworn,
Sun’s full love, generously worn.

Each type a chapter, skin’s own lore,
Sunscreen tales, protections pour,
For health, for beauty, much more,
Fitzpatrick’s scale, a guiding oar.

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