When Is The Best Time For Botox?

By Pinch Med Spa Staff

Botox, and other neuromodulators like Xeomin, are generally used on a recurring basis. While you can get neuromodulator treatment anytime, here are some considerations before setting your schedule

How long does Botox or Xeomin take to work?

Following your treatment, how long does it take for a neuromodulator like Botox or Xeomin to work? Well according to our Xeomin aftercare instructions, Tox generally started to work within 3 to 5 days but can take up to two weeks to fully take effect. If you aren't seeing results in a few days you can contact your provider and if after two weeks you don't see the results you expected you may want to consider a touch up, which is quite common.

How long does Botox or Xeomin last?

Botox, Xeomin and other neuromodulators tend to last for 3 to 4 months. Depending on your body, the location of the injection, your body and lifestyle, the exact duration may vary. Some clients metabolize the injection faster and for some it can last longer than average. In general, for proactive maintanance every 3 months is about right and for those on a budget some clients wait 4 to 6 months between appointments.

What months are ideal for Botox?

Given that you need to give Botox up to two weeks to work and that it lasts three months on average, a popular routine looks like this:

Late August / Early September: After summer & before back to school

Late November / Early December: Before The Holidays

Late March / Early April: As spring rolls around and the weather gets nice

Late May / early JuneAs school lets out and summer begins

While you can start any time, may providers will be especially booking in September, December, March and June, so be sure to book your appointment in advance. During or between those appointments, you can layer in chemical peels to improve tone and texture or fillers to add and restore volume. With Pinch, you can enjoy a medical spa treatment in the comfort and convenience of your own home from one of many expert Nurse Practitioners.

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